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Paddock Fencing

Our paddocks have been completed and are ready for residents.




Our paddocks are perfect for the horse owner that wants their horse to maintain their natural herd environment; the horse owner that may not have the time to come out and turn their horse out every day but wants the peace of mind knowing that their horse is getting plenty of exercise on a daily basis. Our paddocks are large enough to allow your horse to roam in a natural herd environment in the beautiful outdoors but not too large that your horse can't be easily haltered and walked out for grooming and/or riding.


Our paddocks have been custom designed and fabricated with your horse's health and welfare in mind. Every aspect of the fabrication process; dimensions, contour, bends, welds and concrete foundations have been carefully considered to maximize durability to withstand high impact and minimize injury to your horse.


Fence rails are custom fabricated from high tensile oil field (2) tubing that will undoubtedly withstand any abuse that a horse can generate. The amount of pounds-force per square inch that is required to even bend this fencing will well exceed any force that a horse can produce. No rough edges, barbed wire or protruding bolts that horses can catch themselves on and cause injury. Vertical posts are buried two (2) feet in the ground in a solid foundation of ninety (90) pounds of concrete. Top rail is five (5) feet high, deterring horses from scaling or jumping out of the paddock, therefore keeping horses from escaping. Bottom rail is high enough to keep a horse from becoming cast or trapped while rolling.

Our paddocks are virtually indestructible and meant to keep your horses safe and free from self inflicted injuries.


What does this mean to you and the horse that you love. The minimization of injury and the constant wound care that is required in other flimsy-fencing environments. You will have peace of mind in knowing that your horse is living in a wonderful, safe, secure and natural environment.

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