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Rates & Services




Night Time Blanketing


Day Sheet, or Daytime Blanketing


Fly Masks




Turnouts: 3x week, 6x week, or 7x week


Handle Horse for Vet or Farrier


Trailer Storage (Monthly parking)




Includes blanketing (night and/or day), fly mask, daily supplementing (NIC cost of supplements and bags), turnout 7 times a week, worming every 6 weeks, schedule and meet (and hold horse if necessary) a farrier every 6 weeks, a vet every year for floating of teeth and vaccinations, and meet vet and handle horse for any other vet visits as necessary (Farrier and Vet bills paid by owner separately).


California horse boarding services


Boarding Services


Barn Stall (12x12) with Run (12x24)

Includes three feedings daily (alfalfa), cleaning twice a day, watering daily as needed, and up to eight bags of bedding per month.


Pipe Corral (20x30 +-)

Includes three feedings daily (alfalfa), cleaning twice a day, watering daily as needed.


Paddock Communal Boarding

Includes two feedings daily (alfalfa) cleaning daily, watering daily as needed.



Free grazing when pasture grasses are available, supplemented with alfalfa once, or twice a day, as needed in dry season, water from streams, cow troughs and water tubs.


Feeding Options


Substitute feeding of Alfalfa with (additional fees apply):

NOTE: Substitutions and additional feedings are not available in Pastures. Substitutions and additional feedings are only available in Paddocks if all horses in the specific Paddock are on the same diet and meal schedule.


Bedding Options


Equine boarding services in California