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Boarding Options

Horses in the barn are fed three times per day. We have 2- and 3- feed options in the corrals and paddocks. Feed options include alfalfa, 3-way grain hay, bermuda, orchard or timothy. Owners may request extra feed or substitutions (ex: all orchard, no alfalfa) at an additional cost.


We use buckets, not automatic waterers, to monitor water intake of each horse and to ensure that additional time is spent with each horse daily.

Pasture boarding for horses

Wild Pasture

Horses can roam in their natural habitat in our beautiful "wild pasture" areas featuring free-choice grazing, streams, plenty of wildlife, and a plethora of trees for shade and cover. This is ideal for retired horses ready to live out their days, for young horses to grow up strong and agile, or for training/show horses needing a vacation. Horses are monitored daily. Additional feed (alfalfa) is provided at the discretion of the Ranch.


Once a month, on the first Saturday, horses are brought up into a smaller pasture so owners can visit, provide veterinary or farrier care, etc. Any visits outside of these days may be accommodated with advanced notice and for an additional fee of $50 per visit. Due to the remote location of the Wild Pasture on the Ranch, this boarding option is not conducive for owners who plan to make frequent or spontaneous visits to their horse(s).






To maintain a safe and healthy environment for your equine friend, all horses at CLR are required to be current on vaccinations, deworming, and farrier care at all times